Team MISA Point of Contact:

Ashley Yinger, PhD, Criminal Justice Programming Administrator
Phone: (717) 780-6767 
Fax: (717) 255-1396 

Kariem Morssy, Criminal Justice Assistant
Phone: (717) 780-6767 
Fax: (717) 255-1396 

Team MISA (Mental Illness/Substance Abuse) is designed to offer offenders with mental health diagnosis case planning to avoid reincarceration. Plans are developed through team discussion of case specifics / charging, individual diagnosis, background, and treatment options. From there, the case plan, that the attorneys and Judge will have prior to the next court date, outlines the proposed treatment recommendations the defendant should have set up and followed.

The team is comprised of staff from criminal justice entities (District Attorney, Public Defender, Adult Probation, DCP/Prime Care, Work Release, Pretrial) and Human Services (Mental health, Drug and Alcohol).

Additionally, the team meets weekly to review case progress of all program participants and referrals.

We rely on our resources here in Dauphin County so county residency is one of the factors making a person eligible (charges and diagnosis of course too)

The Process:

Submit a referral and signed release of information (ROI)

- Any team member can refer an individual to the Coordinator for Team MISA to review/case plan for if there are Mental Health and/or Drug & Alcohol concerns and treatment is desired.

Team MISA Referral (2022)

Assistant District Attorney will review the referral, charges, and criminal history prior to the meeting

- If there are any concerns with basic eligibility, pending charges, criminal history, and the individual’s willingness to participate in treatment, they can be removed from Team MISA case planning.

If accepted into the program, the Team will develop a treatment plan prior to the upcoming court proceeding

- Mental Health and/or Drug & Alcohol Case Management Services will be responsible for completing assessments with the individuals, intakes, and providing treatment recommendations to the Team for the case plan to be developed and then setting up the approved services (if approved at court).

Treatment plans will be distributed to all team members, including the assigned attorneys and Judge, to have available and review at court.

Additional Resources:

Team MISA Pamphlet (2022)

Team MISA Release of Information Form