Drug Court

Drug Court Point of Contact:

Elizabeth Manning, Drug Court Coordinator 
Phone:  (717) 780-6702
Fax: (717) 780-6767
Email: emanning@dauphincounty.gov

The Dauphin County Drug Court is designed to offer offenders with drug and/or alcohol issue(s) the opportunity for treatment, combined with intensive supervision, in lieu of jail time. Most offenders, if accepted into the program, can expect to be active program participants for an average of 26 months from sentencing to program completion. The Dauphin County Drug Court offers both a pre-plea, predisposition program, and a post-disposition program. Additionally, the Drug Court offers a program specifically designated for DUI offenders.

The Drug Court program is administered by the Drug Court Team. This team reviews all referred cases and any other pertinent information to determine an applicant’s eligibility for the program.  

Additionally, the team meets weekly to review the progress of all program participants until completion of the program.

Drug Court is a high-intensity program, initially requiring weekly appearances before the Drug Court Judge; completion of the Court-ordered treatment program; an intense level of supervision by probation officers; around-the-clock monitoring for drug/alcohol use; and compliance with all other directives issued by the Court.

This program strives to provide treatment, rather than incarceration, to eligible offenders wishing to participate after they have accepted responsibility for their actions.

This program will aim to reduce recidivism rates among Dauphin County offenders; reduce the number of inmates housed at Dauphin County Prison; and most importantly, present offenders accepted into the program the opportunity to break a cycle of substance abuse/addiction that leads to criminal behavior, thereby enabling them to rejoin the community as productive citizens.

**Applicants and Attorneys – Please be Advised:
After the drug court application is submitted, the applicant MUST call the Dauphin County Department of Drug & Alcohol Services to obtain a Drug & Alcohol Evaluation.

This agency can be reached by calling: (717) 635-2254
Please ask to speak with Krista Page. If Ms. Page is not available, please leave a message for her and she will return your call as soon as possible.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to make and keep this appointment. The Drug Court application process CANNOT move forward until this is completed.

Thank you for your cooperation with this matter.

Forms & Documents

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