Opioid Remediation Grant Program to Award Settlement Funds

Dauphin County is allocated $13 million over the next 18 years as its share of a historic opioid settlement designed to send billions of dollars nationwide to bolster prevention and treatment efforts.

Per the settlement, counties are only permitted to use the funds for addiction prevention, treatment, and recovery projects and programs.

Dauphin County has established the Opioid Remediation Grant program to ensure the awarded funds are spent within the parameters of the settlement.

Dauphin County will open the application process on Oct 1. Application documents, guidance about eligible programs, FAQs, and other information related to the settlement are below.


2023-24 Dauphin County Opioid Remediation Grant Program Guidelines

Dauphin County Opioid Remediation Program FAQs

Appendix A List of Opioid Remediation Uses

Appendix B Application Cover Page

Appendix C Certification of Non-Contingency

Appendix D Performance Measurement Information