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Vision Statement
The vision of Dauphin County Human Services is to provide exceptional, comprehensive and integrated services across the community.


Dauphin County Human Services mission is to provide quality, integrated human services to positively impact the lives of our residents in need.


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Common Goals

  1. We will provide quality services and measure the effectiveness of programming.
  2. We will be strength-based and solution focused within our customer service oriented approach.
  3. We will strive to ensure services are easily accessible across the county.
  4. We will provide all human services in a fiscally responsible manner.
  5. We will use data to make informed decisions.

Other Important Agencies

  • The Pennsylvania Department of Health Phone:  1-877-724-3258
    Tasked with the duty and power to protect the health of the people, the Pennsylvania Department of Health has the authority to enforce all statutes pertaining to public health for the prevention and suppression of disease and injury. In order to achieve this goal the department works closely with local health agencies in counties, municipalities, and cities. You can learn more about the department by  visiting their website.
  • The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Phone:  1-800-788-5616
    Offering a variety of services to low-income individuals, the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services makes available a number of services to the people. For a listing of such services,  please visit their website.

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