Prescription Policy

In most cases, veterans are eligible to receive prescriptions through the Lebanon VA Medical Center or one of its satellite clinics located in Camp Hill, Pottsville, Lancaster or Reading. However, in order to receive prescriptions, veterans must be aware of the following conditions: 

1. The veteran must be seen by a VA physician who is responsible for the veteran's care on a CONTINUING BASIS. That physician will determine what medications, if any, should be prescribed. In some cases, VA physicians may not prescribe medications the veteran previously might have taken. 

2. Depending upon the veteran's income level and service-connected status, a co-payment for outpatient treatment and prescriptions may be charged. The co-payment for outpatient treatment is $50.80 for each outpatient visit. Veterans who are charged a co-payment are nonservice connected veterans and 0% service-connected veterans whose income is above $24,644 if single with no dependents, or $29,576 if married or single with one dependent, plus $1,653 for each additional dependent. In addition, if your net worth (income plus assets, excluding your primary residence) exceeds $80,000, you will be charged the copayment costs. 

3. Veterans who are 10% to 40% service-connected may be required to pay a $7.00 co-payment for a 30-day supply of prescriptions and over the counter medications if they are receiving the medication for a nonservice-connected condition and if their income is over the annual VA pension rate. 

If you have any questions concerning the VA Prescription Policy or eligibility, please call Sue Fike, Enrollment Specialist, at 717-228-6000 for local calls, or 1-800-409-8771, extension 6000 toll free if calling long distance.