General Expectations

The agency will: 

  • provide an overall orientation to agency services.
  • provide a training program for skill and knowledge development.
  • provide basic supplies for the student's use during the internship
  • provide a work area and telephone for student's use.
  • provide opportunities for professional growth and development.
  • assign a supervisor to provide field instruction for the student
  • provide compensation for hours worked.
  • provide reimbursement for travel expenses according to County policy.
  • provide clerical support for work-related activities.
  • provide up to one full day of unpaid leave for senior seminar.

The supervisor/field instructor will:

  • work with the student to develop an individualized learning agreement.
  • provide assignments and opportunities consistent with the learning agreement.
  • provide reading materials to the student to enhance professional development.
  • meet regularly with the student to promote professional development.
  • provide individual supervision, including a minimum of one hour supervisory conference time each week on a regularly scheduled basis.
  • meet with the faculty advisor/liaison as needed to discuss student progress.
  • assess the student's performance as required by the school and the agency.

The student will: 

  • attend a general orientation to agency services.
  • attend and actively participate in a training program designed to develop the identified skills and knowledge.
  • meet with the supervisor on a regular basis to review casework activities, for guidance and direction, and to set and amend meaningful learning goals and strategies based on individual needs and strengths.
  • visit a variety of community agencies as scheduled.
  • accompany other staff on home visits and collateral contacts.
  • attend staff meetings, unit meetings, peer group meetings, etc. as appropriate.
  • read articles and other reading assignments related to child maltreatment and discuss with supervisor.
  • work with various casework staff throughout the agency in order to understand the overall operations of the agency.
  • work more intensely within one unit in the organization in order to develop skills.
  • complete 975 hours of paid internship work, contingent upon performance and agency funding.
  • be responsible for a small caseload, as determined by ability, by the end of the internship.