How Do I?

Every person on Pretrial supervision is required to contact their bail supervisor at minimum of once a week. This can be done by telephone call or email. Please refer to the contacts page for the bail supervisor list.

By contacting your Pretrial supervisor or by searching the web portal here

A1. If you have medical insurance, you may contact them for acceptable locations.

A2. If you have no medical insurance and live in Dauphin County, you may contact the Case Management Unit for a mental health evaluation or Dauphin County Drug and Alcohol Services for a drug and alcohol evaluation. Please refer to the Resources page for their contact information.

A3. If you have no medical insurance and live outside of Dauphin County you should contact your bail supervisor for assistance.

DUI law requires all defendants charged with a DUI to complete a CRN test prior to a case resolution. To schedule this test, you must call (717) 780-6905. This test will take place at: 917 Gibson Blvd, Steelton PA 17113

If you qualify for this program you would need to speak with your attorney.
More information can be found here: ARD

The ARD Acceptance Fee, as well as any outstanding restitution, must be paid seven (7) days before you appear at your scheduled ARD Court date. This payment can be made at the Dauphin County Courthouse Fines & Costs department.

Credit card payments are also accepted online at If paying online, the payment is due ten (10) days prior to the scheduled ARD Court date to allow for processing.