Budget & Finance 

Christopher M. Davis, Director
Dauphin County Administration Building (Fourth Floor)
2 South 2nd Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101
Phone: (717) 780-6309

The Department of Budget & Finance oversees the entire two-cycle budgetary process. Departments primarily funded by County money are monitored on a calendar year cycle while predominately state-funded departments are monitored on a state fiscal year cycle. Recurrent departmental activities include: performing daily reconciliations of the County's concentrated bank account, working on the planning and execution of all debt projects, acting in concert with the Controller and Treasurer Departments to receipt checks and direct deposits, and wire money to fund projects, initiatives, and contracted private institutions once pass-through money has been received into the County's Concentration account.

Featured Actions

The Department of Budget & Finance directs all investment activities to ensure the optimum return, diversification, and risk management of County Funds. The Department provides the main point of contact for all financial institutions that do business with the County. It processes bills for all County construction projects as well as other invoices not directly associated with a single County department. The Department is also responsible for the oversight and maintenance of the County's Fixed Asset System. This is accomplished by effectuating the incorporation of newly acquired items and the disposition of old and obsolete items from the Fixed Asset System.

2024 Budget Public Hearing Schedule

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