Constables & Constable Review BoardConstable Review Board

Constables are municipally elected officials and serve a 6-year term. Constables are a part of the executive branch of government just like any other law enforcement officer although they do perform services for the judicial branch.  Constables are independent contractors and work at the discretion of each individual Magisterial District Judge. They are certified through a training program offered by the Constable’s Education and Training Board (Act 49) through the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency.  They carry liability insurance and are bonded.

In Dauphin County, Constables are primarily responsible for serving warrants on summary cases. They possess the authority to take individuals with warrants into custody or collect any unpaid fines and costs. They are also used to serve judicial process in Landlord/Tenant actions and play a key role in the Order of Possession/Eviction process working with the Landlord. Constables have, in the past, also been called upon to provide security at Magisterial District Courts in Dauphin County.

Dauphin County has a Constable Review Board whose function is to resolve any dispute related to a Constable’s performance of judicial duties in accordance with standards and procedures pursuant to 44 Pa.C.S.A. §7161-7161.1 and further defined by the Constable Policies, Procedures and Standards of Conduct published by the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts which is included in the link below.

The Constable Review Board has jurisdiction over Constables in the performance of their judicial duties which includes financial or payment disputes.  The Constable Review Board does not have the authority to revise Constables Policies, Procedures or Standards of Conduct issued by the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts.  Constables should make every attempt to resolve their disputes with the party or agency involved prior to filing a complaint with the Constable Review Board.

A complaint by or against a Constable shall be in writing on the formed referenced below and shall be signed by the Complainant.  The Complainant shall specify the alleged misconduct, financial dispute, or other matter related to the performance of judicial duties.

The complaint shall be submitted by mail or email as follows:

Court Administrator
Dauphin County Courthouse
3rd Floor Suite 300
Harrisburg, PA  17101