Not necessarily, the Work Release Center has an Employment Transition Team (ETT) that assists residents in finding employment. All residents are given a 30-day period to obtain employment.

Yes, please contact Megan Peacock, at 780-7028 mpeacock@dauphincounty.gov or Jen Coleman-Cobb, at 780-6976 jcoleman@dauphincounty.gov for instructions prior to your plea or sentencing court date.

Immediately, contact Jen Coleman-Cobb, at 780-6976 jcoleman-cobb@dauphincounty.gov or Megan Peacock, at 780-7028 mpeacock@dauphincounty.gov for instructions, health assessment, and intake paperwork. Please note you will be required to get a TB/PPD test prior to your report date that takes at least 3 days to complete. Forms are also located under Online forms.

The system used is GTL/ViaPath Technologies. You or a family member can set up an account at www.GTL.net and apply money directly to the account using a credit card. This will show up immediately.

Yes, with approval by the Director a resident may bring their car to the Center. Valid license, registration and insurance is required.

Residents are prohibited from using tobacco products within the confines of the Work Release Center.

Personal property will be relinquished to those designated by the resident with proper identification. Property not picked up within 15 days will be donated to charity. Please provide identification. 

Yes, through pre-paid phone card system, tablet or collect calls. We do not take personal messages unless it is an EMERGENCY. Cell phones are considered contraband unless authorized by Director of the Work Release Center.

Yes, though they may not have more than $60 on person, unless otherwise approved.

No, residents are granted utility/grocery times twice per week for those who qualify. Grocery time may not be taken from 1030 am – 12 noon.

No more than two drop-offs per week are permitted for those who qualify. Scheduled drop-offs
may take place between 8 am and 8 pm.

No beverages or powdered drinks are permitted. All food must be unopened, and store bought.
Space is limited to one locker and shared refrigerators.

Space is limited and residents are allowed five changes of clothes. Please refer to the resident guide for further information.

The Dauphin County Work Release Center is located at 919 Gibson Boulevard, Steelton, Pa 17113. It is just off 19th Street (turn at UPS red light).