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The commissioners speak with Director of Finance Christopher Davis.

Approved: Commissioners Pass 2023 Budget with No Tax Increase for 18th Straight Year

Dec 14, 2022

Dauphin County Commissioners at a public meeting.

It is official: The 2023 budget approved by the Dauphin County Commissioners will have no property tax increase for the 18th consecutive year.

The commissioners approved the budget at the Dec. 14 public meeting, after a proposal was available for public inspection for the previous 20 days.

The general fund budget is $218.8 million.

The county millage rate remains at 6.88 mills.

“This unprecedented streak of no tax increases only happens with collaboration and scrutinizing spending line by line, just like residents do at home,” Commissioner Chair Mike Pries said.

The budget is nearly $3 million less than the proposed budget presented last month.

“We have made a huge investment in our workforce because this is a really tough market, and we need to maintain our high standards in providing core services,” Commissioner Chad Saylor said.

Commissioner George P. Hartwick, III, said “Dauphin County is open for employment” with positions available in many departments.

He emphasized the need to be creative with spending.

“Any dollar that we can raise and use outside of general fund dollars, we will seek out those opportunities,” Hartwick said.

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